Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing and the most powerful channels for marketers in drive reach, engagement, personalisation and delivering ROI.

At Red Star Digital, we have over 15 years’ experience in developing effective email marketing strategies and maximising ROI for our clients. Whether you need to grow your email list, reactivate customers or develop a successful customer contact strategy, we have the knowledge and skills to achieve your email marketing objectives.

We offer a full range of email marketing services including: Email marketing audits, email marketing strategy, email campaign set up and management, email content and creative services.

  • Creative and Content Services

    Collating all of our experience with email design, email layout and functionality; we have the expertise to ensure you reach your target consumers through email marketing without compromising your brand. We can advise on proven techniques for writing killer email copy that will entice the recipient to act as well as helping you test and select the right email attributes to increase your email engagement and ensure good deliverability.

  • Email Campaign Set Up and Management

    As your email marketing partner, Red Star Digital can support your day-to-day email marketing requirements. Whether you need outsourced resource for campaign set up, build or execution, we have the skills and expertise to deliver.

  • Email Marketing Strategy

    Red Star Digital can assist in formulating an effective email strategy, based on your objectives and requirements. Email marketing can be a cost effective tool in supporting customer acquisition or retention and we can work with you to build a prioritised roadmap for your future email strategy.  The exact scope will be tailored to your requirements and will depend on your priorities, which may include segmentation, list growth, win-back, lead generation or automation.

  • Email Marketing Audits

    Using our extensive experience, we’ll assess the performance of your current email marketing activity, identifying key areas for improvement. We’ll then provide you with expert guidance on how improvements can be made and implemented.

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5 ways to improve your email marketing with A/B testing

Simple replacements of text, call to action messages and images can have a profound impact on how your audience interacts with your email campaigns. A/B testing splits your email list and allows you to send a slightly different message to each segment so you can test changes for effectiveness. Here’s how:


  1. Keep It Simple (Stupid)

A US Navy principle first coined in 1960, KISS is a great way of ensuring changes are kept uncomplicated and easy to measure. Simple changes in A/B testing can help you focus on making alterations that have the most profound impact, leading you to bigger results. Change just one thing at a time so that you can be sure of the effectiveness and success (or failure) of that change.

  1. Choose your end goal

Choose just one end result that you’re looking for; it’s better to work on a single problem by focusing on just one metric that you want to change rather than several all at once.

  1. Evaluate your list

Is your list big enough to split for A/B testing? Do you need more than one split? However you decide to split your list, each segment needs to be big enough to give you relevant statistics that you can work with.

  1. Learn from all your campaigns

You can still learn from past email campaigns, even if you weren’t performing A/B testing on them. Analyse their effectiveness, figure out what worked and what didn’t work, and then incorporate that learning into your current campaigns and testing. You don’t have to start from scratch with each campaign.

  1. Test before you test

That may sound strange, but it’s important to make sure that what you’re sending is working. Any personalisation has to be present, call to action buttons have to actually show up, images need to be properly included, etc. Regardless of how spectacular your content is, your email campaign will fail if elements of it don’t show in your customer’s inbox!

We all know it’s cheaper to retain your current customers than try to find new ones, which is why your email list is so helpful in growing your business. Subscribers to your list are potential or past customers, and have indicated they’re interested in hearing from you just by pushing that subscribe button. Improving your email campaigns to make them more effective is just common sense, and A/B testing is perfect for helping you find what works, and what doesn’t.