To ensure your affiliate marketing programme is effective, it’s important to start at the campaign grass roots; ensuring your affiliate have everything they need to promote your brand. Each affiliate will have unique requirements in terms of content, images, links etc that will reflect their site and target audience – understanding these requirements is of paramount importance in building a successful programme.

We’ve compiled a quick guide to help you understand the main affiliates types are their needs when promoting your brand.

Content affiliates do exactly what it says on the tin, they provide content heavy sites. These may be review sites or niche sites, they tend to focus their efforts on SEO to attain good rankings throughout the SERPS. The content affiliates don’t like to have their sales cannibilised by other sites such as voucher code sites so will often list codes on site too.
Likes – Exclusive content, Press releases, Codes, Exclusive Images from press shoots or of new products, Keywords, Commission Increases, Tenancy Placements, Top Sellers,

Voucher Code
Voucher sites or Coupon sites are sites that list discounts and offers from merchants. They focus their efforts on SEO, PPC and email along with a growing social media presence. Voucher sites will have a loyal following and often have high levels of email data that they frequently mail. Voucher sites have many rules and regulations they must adhere to, designed by the IAB and some have been known to break a few rules in the past, although most now play fair.
Likes – Exclusive codes, Commission Increases, Regular updates of offers, Content for blog posts, Tenancy Placements, Top Sellers,

Cashback and incentive sites are sites with a loyal following offering their users some form of reward for shopping through them. This might be cash or sweets or points to redeem online. They have large user bases that are emailed frequently along with additional blogs and forums for their users to participate on. Some incentive sites have neen hit in the past by fraudulent users, but most have now clamped down and are fast to stop this happening.
Likes – Commission Increases, Voucher Codes, Content to use for blogs, Tenancy Placements, Top Sellers,

PPC Affiliates
PPC affiliates are affiliates who will concentrate their efforts on driving traffic via PPC. There are a number of affiliates who have made successful businesses from doing PPC for merchants. This can be based on allowing the affiliate to bid upon your brand, generic terms or long tail searches. Quite often when allowed to bid upon a brand, there are deals done to ensure the affiliate puts a percent of their profits back into expanding the campaign to generic terms. PPC affiliates are still paid on a CPA so can be a low risk solution to increasing your search engine exposure.
Likes – Brand Rights, Top Sellers, Voucher Codes, Commission Increases,

Competition sites and freebie sites are sites that offer their users something interesting or appealing – this may be a competition to enter or a free giveaway. They often have high volumes of users who are online savvy and love a bargain! These types of site can be rewarded for passing new users on, or for incremental sales.
Likes – Competitions hosted on merchant sites, Free gifts, Commission Increases, Voucher Codes, Exclusive content, Top Sellers,

Price Comparison/Shopping Directory
Price comparison sites do pretty much what they say on the tin, they compare prices of items or holidays or banks and much more. They use product feeds from multiple retailers or merchants to create a site filled with content. This is then sorted to show the best price or offer first. Most price comparison sites will take delivery costs and voucher codes into their listings. To get
Likes – Full Product Feed, Voucher Codes, Increased Commissions, Details of offers,

Email affiliates are affiliates with large lists of data either of their own or through 3rd parties. They are highly skilled in sending email, delivery and converting email creative into buyers. They often have large lists that are segmented and will often test your creative first.
Likes – Email creative, Voucher codes, Increased commission,

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