If you are a business trying to advertise to individuals via email, it’s important to use a subject line that stands out. Without this, potential clients or customers are more likely to delete the message before even opening the email.

We’ve compiled a few handy tips to help you get your emails opened and your customers converting.

To start, don’t beat around the bush – you only have a few words in which to get someone’s attention, so don’t make it too complex or long. Keep it simple, keep it catchy and keep it to the point. If you don’t generate interest within a few words the recipient will not engage with your email.

Avoid capitalizing text or some words in the subject line – when was the last time you received an email message where the “Caps Lock” key was over used to spell out some, if not the entire subject line? You probably didn’t open the message unless you knew who the sender was. It can be seen as quite aggressive and more importantly, ISPs will often mark this as spam which drastically reduces your chances of the message being delivered at all.

Get creative where you can and generate topical subject lines based around current news stories or events and if possible, personalise your subject lines as this will directly appeal to your customer base. In our experience, adopting both of these approaches can really improve response rates from your email marketing campaigns.

Think about what you would open – is the title something that would interest you if you received in your inbox? Your subject line should directly appeal to your target audience and provide them with a reason to engage with your email marketing message. It’s important to ensure your message stands out within the recipients cluttered inbox.

Not sure on what might work best? Then test your ideas! We always recommend our clients to split test various subject lines to see which perform better. Just ensure you track and measure any results as well as validating these before rolling out the most effective subject line to the bulk of your list.

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