Integrating your social media and email  campaigns can not only provide an additional avenue for data collection, but when managed correctly can also help with creating and keeping customers. With more than 750 million active users of facebook, over 101 million LinkedIn users and over 100 million twitter users, social media is now at the forefront of digital marketing. It is now hugely important for organisations to embrace social media and to integrate it with their other marketing channels. Much like integrating your offline and online marketing, integrating social and email can have it’s difficulties, Red Star Digital have compiled some top tips to help you get things started;

Give Social Media Some Visibility In Your Emails
Adding in buttons such as ‘share this’ or ‘like this’ give your readers the opportunity to promote your organization to their friends, family and followers. Giving them clear calls to action will help them to spread the word about you and your brand, highlighting key products or services.

Use Social Media To Grow Your Lists
There are some great examples of social media campaigns that have been used to grow email databases. For example a recent campaign from Fox’s Biscuits saw Vinnie the Panda create a facebook page which captured email data. To be in with a chance of winning some free biscuits you had to first ‘like’ the page, then enter your details. Creating a personality with the emails and timely sends with relevant offers on were then mailed to this data. The campaign was launched to help promote their latest biscuit releases. Fox’s Biscuits now have data for biscuit lovers all generated through their social media.

Embrace The Latest Methods and Tools
It’s not just facebook anymore when it comes to social media, there are a wide selection of social media tools that should be considered when launching your campaigns. For example QR codes are now widely used in digital marketing direct traffic to specific landing pages or websites. As an example a well known fashion brand recently used a QR code in one of their email newsletters. Under the QR code it said ‘scan to receive an exclusive discount’, once scanned, the QR code directed the reader to their facebook page, where they were able to collect discounts and special offers. Keeping on top of the latest technology or social platforms will mean you can proactively market your goods in new and unique ways, creating interest.

Research Your Customers Then Use The Data
Social Media is a great avenue for market research. Asking questions of your fans and asking for comments you can quickly get a snapshot of your potential customer base. Do your customers like your products, are there services they would like to see, how do they find your organisation and many more insightful questions can be asked. Once you have those replies, you can act on them. For example if potential customers are wanting the latest mobile phone handset, you can use your social media to; find out which one, encourage them to sign up for notifications and finally email those people when you have it in stock. Using your social media channels as a research tool not only gives you invaluable data, but can also lead to conversations, which can lead to conversions.

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