engaging email for small businessWhen trying to spread the word for your small business, it is often necessary to advertise, but this can be expensive, as you may not have additional budget to invest. You’ll need to find the most cost effective methods of informing potential clients of your services or products. One of the cheapest methods is via email marketing, however it does need some real thought and strategy in place first to be fully effective. The main issue you may find with email marketing is getting people to open your message or in fact, getting your message through spam filters. We put together some handy tips for making engaging emails;

When creating an email message for your SME, you need to first determine what is going to make individuals actually open the email you are sending them. It is all about the subject line of the email that is going to interest the potential clients. You need to think about what message would make you want to open the email message, whilst clearly stating what services you are providing, without any fluff. You only have a few words to state this, so make the information count. If the service is something the email recipient needs, they are more likely to open the message. Having the individual actually open the message is most of the battle won.

If you are looking to reach customers who have already purchased services from you, this is a solid option, as if they know who you are, and are happy with the content you provide, they are more likely open the email messages, especially if they know you are sending out special discounts and other perks in the messages. When collecting the email addresses of customers, make sure to let them know you send out coupon codes or special deals in the messages.