When asked to think about our top ten lead generation tips, here at Red Star Digital, notepads were filled of ideas and tips. After much discussion, we finally came to a decision and hope you agree that these top ten tips really will improve your lead generation campaigns.

1. Set A Budget
The budget you set for your marketing campaign will determine not just how many leads you may receive but also the quality. When it comes to lead generation, quantity is not always a winning factor, quality is often the most important. Having a budget that gives you the ability to source quality leads will ensure higher conversion rates and a better ROI.
2. Set Your Lead’s Expectations
It’s important to understand what the prospective customers were told when they were giving their details. Were they promised a service or were they expecting a free assessment when they agreed to allow their information to be used? It’s important to know what the potential customer is expecting, and form a strategy based on the information when making the initial contact. Setting the expectations early can ensure that when you come to use their data, they are not angered or upset by a phone call they were not expecting or a call at a door.

3. Check For Duplicates and Un-Verified Leads
When you are paying for leads, the last thing you want to do is pay for the same information a second or third time. There are several software applications available that allow you to check for duplicates and strip them out (dedupe) of your data for future use. Data that cannot be verified is also something you should check for, emails such as spam@spam.com do not count as valid data and should not be paid for.

4. Test Different Marketing Channels
It’s a good idea to try different types of marketing strategies to know which will yield the best results for your product or service. While some customers will prefer a more personal contact like a telephone call, others will prefer to keep a certain distance through emails, etc. It’s good to test different marketing channels on your leads to see which work best for you and give the best results.

5. Focus Your Campaign
You should make sure your campaign as clear objectives that can be met through your lead generation. Make sure the criteria you put in place on your forms meet those objectives to ensure your leads are giving you the information you want. The leads should include specific information on potential customers; names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers or any other information you may require.

6. Honesty Is Important
Your marketing campaign is only as good as your word and the effort you’re willing to put forth. Whether it’s a contact you’ve promised to make or a promise made about your product or service, remain reliable throughout all your business dealings.

7. Be Realistic
Be realistic about your marketing strategy and the time for frame, you set, for it to reach your expectations. A good solid marketing strategy will be based on the budget you’ve set, the leads you purchase, and the energy and time you put forth.

8. Clarity Of Your Message
Make sure that your marketing message is clear and concise. If you are generating leads through an offer, have a think about what you might put – for example if it’s a free trial but card details are required – you should mention this somewhere t ensure the leads you get are less likely to complain.

9. Keep It Simple
An overload of information can render fewer leads and complicate the process. The average person might be willing to fill out three to four forms, but a continual stream of forms will turn the customer away, and the information becomes confused creating a greater work load for you.

10. Focus Your Efforts
If you only have a small budget to begin with, make sure you focus your efforts and concentrate on driving decent leads, when those leads convert to sales, you’ll have more budget to widen your lead generation campaign. Getting lot’s of leads to begin with may seem great, but if the quality is not there – it can be a waste of money and effort.

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