Getting your marketing messages out to your customers requires them to be looking at your campaigns, it logically follows that putting your campaigns where customers are actually looking is best practice and is the foundation that billboards and print campaigns are built on. Except, these days your customers aren’t looking at billboards, but are staring at their mobile phones more often than not. Look at any analytics for any website and you’ll see an increase in mobile users. Ensuring your business works seamlessly on mobile platforms is becoming increasingly important, and creating marketing campaigns that work for mobile users even more so. Here’s our top five tips for creating mobile campaigns.

Understand Your Customers Mobile Needs

Analytics, big data, newsletter subscriptions and more; you have a wealth of data on your customers and their behaviour available to you, and it should include the type of devices they use to access your business. It’s no use creating a campaign that only works on one type of device, your customers will run the gamut of technology available to them. Be clear on what they use, and what they want, creating a strategy that combines the two.

Responsive Design – Your Site Mobilised

Incorporate responsive design into your website to ensure that, no matter the size of the screen being used to view it, your business always looks its best. Responsive design will re-jig, hide, unveil, and resize images, text, widgets and sections to create a website that works on any device. It also allows easier navigation by creating different menu types to allow for mouse use on larger screens and touch screen use on smaller ones. You can tailor your current web design to incorporate responsive elements, giving your customers an easy to use platform when they access your business via their mobile or tablet devices. And there’s no need to worry that a responsive or adaptive design will affect your search ranking, there’s currently no indication that using responsive or adaptive technologies will decrease your ranking, in fact Google are apparently planning on raising optimised content and sites higher on mobile search rankings.

Geolocation Technologies

We’ve already discussed the potential benefits of geolocation technologies currently available in smartphones, iBeacon is an exciting proposition, but if you’re new to geolocation based marketing then it may all be a bit overwhelming. Essentially, your customers could receive tailored marketing message based on previous use and their exact location. Bluetooth enables locations to recognise when a customer is in the vicinity, and push notifications will alert the mobile user of an offer, event or their proximity to an item on their wish list. Consumers opt-in, you have a database of customers with tailored requirements to create campaigns from, and your mobile using customers get notifications, unique offers and up-to-date information they don’t even have to search for.

There’s An App for That

One of the best ways to get your business in front of mobile customers is to create an app. Just the act of downloading will boost your business presence, giving you an ad on your customers’ mobile phone that may be seen multiple times a day. Add to that, your app will allow streamlined ordering and payment opportunities, push notifications for offers, ease of information look up on products, services and locations, and you’ve got a small outlay providing your business with not only a potentially large revenue stream, but also more data about your mobile using customers. Your customers get a tailor made app, created to meet their needs and giving them access to your business in an easy and convenient manner.

Incorporate Your Existing Marketing Strategies

While mobile campaigns are important, it’s also vital that you don’t focus all your marketing energies on just the one group, to the exclusion of all other media. It’s imperative that your marketing messages complement and are inclusive of your marketing message on other platforms and in other media. Create a campaign that works across the board, in print, on billboards, on social media sites and emailed newsletters. Utilise all the marketing arenas available that your customers use, it’s no use spending time creating a marketing campaign that spans every single platform available if your consumers are only interact with a third of them. Have your advertising campaign work across the different networks, taking your company into a truly mobile arena, and watch your business take off.