Video_advertising_shutterstock_156648947The face of advertising has changed dramatically during the rise of the Digital Age. The internet has made reaching potential customers much easier, opened doors to demographics in other countries and created an environment where your customers can help your business grow, in some cases exponentially.

Creating content that consistently meets customer expectation is key, but so is creating content that not only sells your product but also helps your business to grow. To that end, video advertising is a great way to start.

#1 – Why your customers will love video advertising

Today’s online community is all about sharing content. People love to pass on interesting tidbits, pictures that speak to them, videos that resonate. With the rise of sites like Pinterest and Instagram, users can share interesting content with their followers with just a few clicks of their mouse, reaching thousands in next to no time. Creating content that’s shareable will help your business reach greater numbers of potential customers; all you have to do is produce it. Compelling content – something that tells a story, demonstrates your brand’s values and identity, and creates something visually and emotionally arresting – is a marketing tool that can help your company reach every corner of the world purely on the basis that it is eminently shareable. Your customers will love it, and so will their followers. Make it easy for people to share your video content and watch is spread.

#2 – Combine Video Advertising with Big Data to reach your full potential

We’ve all heard the phrase, content is king – well according to Alastair Cole of Essence at Figaro Digital’s ‘Digital Marketing Conference’, context is the new king. Creating content that’s engaging but, most of all, relevant, is easier when combined with big data. Combining the two allows you to produce high quality, well-branded content to areas and consumers who will find that content (and product) relevant and attractive, giving your content a far greater impact. Through the use of big data you can help predict what context your advertising needs to best meet consumer requirements. Even better, you can create contextually relevant content to meet the needs your consumers don’t currently have, but will require in the future.

#3 – Video Advertising allows you to rise through the search result ranks

Google’s decision to blend different media results to search entries mean that video results can help your business rank higher than those not using video advertising. With the combination of a YouTube channel, to reach those who prefer to digest content filmically rather than textually, not only are you increasing your reach, but also harking back to reason number one, and giving more people the chance to share your content. A survey carried out by AimClear indicates that video in search results can see as much as a 41% higher click-through rate than text results. Another study by Forrester indicates that a good video marketing strategy makes it 53 times more likely that businesses will rank on page one of Google’s search results. Those numbers alone should help convince you but if not …

#4 – Video Advertising allows you to engage with your customers to a greater degree

There are very few products, services or indeed brands that can best be described by text alone. Video allows you to reach, connect and create an emotional connection with your consumers that can help you create sustainable relationships with the people your business depends upon. When creating a video advertising campaign, don’t be afraid to focus on things other than your products. Challenge your customers to create, share and discuss through the use of video, really engage your demographic in a way that not only increases your business’ reach, but increases the engagement of your customers at the same time.

#5 – Because content is key

Be very clear when putting together your video marketing strategy, determine what result you’re aiming for and who you’re aiming at. To help guide the type of video content you create, the end result you’re working towards can make a big difference – remember your call to action, it’s still required even in video format. Creating content that engages users who aren’t necessarily interested in text based information proves that your business is catering for all kinds of people. With the rise of multiple devices to access the internet and the use of smartphones to view content, creating something that’s visually arresting regardless of how it’s viewed can only be a good thing for your business.