The use and popularity of social media and social networking sites has done nothing but increase since its inception, and most companies have realised that employing social media tactics can be incredibly beneficial to their businesses. Like email marketing campaigns, social media can be used to spread the word about your brand, services and products, but how many companies think to combine the two together?

The easiest way to increase your email marketing’s reach is to include share options within the content. By allowing your customers to share the entire email, or pieces they feel would be relevant, your marketing messages reach people you would otherwise have no connection with. Not only does this potentially increase your customer database but it can also increase your potential for opens, click throughs and conversions. Don’t forget that most people highly value opinions of friends and family, so make it easy for people to recommend you.

Sharing options within your emails can also help you identify key influencers, essentially those people who most often have an effect on your metrics such as open, click through and conversions rates, by their sharing of your information. By analysing data from your email service providers on your key influencers, you can put together more effective email marketing strategies targeted towards those people, helping to further increase your range.

Including links to your social connections, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc, you give your customers an additional way to interact with your business. Not all clients like the one-way communication of emails and prefer to interact more with businesses they like. By including social networking links you are providing a more unrestricted choice in how your customers interact with you and your products, allowing them to choose the best platform for their needs rather than dictating it.

Make those social icon buttons as obvious as possible, even go as far as to suggest your customers follow you. While many people will recognise a lot of the icons logos, they may not necessarily understand what they’re there for, so don’t be afraid to prompt them. Statistics from social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook are easily trackable, so clicks and conversions can still be counted and will allow you, amongst other things, to track the success of your marketing campaigns via those sites.

Incorporate offers and competitions being run on social media and networking sites by including them in your email marketing campaigns. Drive customers towards following you by offering them incentives and prompt them to join in with your company’s marketing campaigns elsewhere by featuring it in your emailed campaigns. In fact, don’t be afraid of dedicating an email communication to a marketing campaign taking place elsewhere on the web, such as Facebook, to draw customers’ attention to it.

And don’t forget that turnabout is fair play! Use your social network sites to promote your newsletter and other emailed communications and marketing campaigns. If you have a strong following on a particular social network site, use it to build subscribers to your email database by promoting and cross-pollinating, and ensure you have opt-in forms linked from every social network account your company runs.