Content StrategyDigital marketing has never been more important, and with the growing use of mobile technology to access businesses and brands, making full use of the digital content available to you, is vital to a successful marketing strategy. One of the best ways to improve your brand’s performance is to work on short-term improvements to create a boost not just to the business but also confidence and enthusiasm for working with your brand. Take a look at our top tips on how to improve your brand’s performance.

Be clear on what your brand says. Your brand can’t perform at its best if the company behind it doesn’t have a clear view on what you want it to say. Take the time to make sure everyone knows what you want your brand to communicate and how. Ensure your brand is aligned across every platform, regardless of how you communicate with your customers.

Talking of communicating with customers, keep an eye on social media and other avenues of communication. It’s important to keep in touch with what your customer base is saying and why. Use the reports from social media to guide strategy on enhancing performance in the short to mid term.

While it’s important to use analytics, it’s all well and good using tracking but if the data isn’t quantified or shared with everyone in the business who’s relevant then keeping tabs on what your customers are doing isn’t actually going to change anything. If marketing isn’t talking to the digital teams then information such as app usage, website analytics, and other key measurements will be missed.

By missing important information regarding digital analytics you can’t determine which areas are working and which could improve. Put clear communication channels in place between departments to help spread important and useful information to all the areas that need it.

SEO can make a huge difference to your brand’s performance. Google’s changes to how search results are ranked have meant that content and SEO needs to be carefully curated in order for your pages to hit high enough in the results pages. SEO, awareness of how it works, not to mention how it can impact and improve your digital performance, is key to a strong brand that gets results.

So take the time to evaluate your website, the content included, and make sure everything still works as it should. Your customer’s experience reflects their attitude towards your brand, and the overall look and feel of your website can have a huge impact on how your brand is perceived too. Utilise A/B testing for key landing pages, take the time to test any pages that are critical for conversion whilst at it, and optimise as much as you can.

The rise of smartphones and tablets mean that today’s customers are viewing your content from not just a variety of different places but also platforms. Take the time to investigate how your brand works on all the platforms your customers can use, ensure that mobile features are all present and correct, the time you spend on it will be well worth it.