Boosting conversion rates is probably one of the biggest concerns for any business using email marketing as a sales tool. Getting your customers to not only open the email, but click through to product information and make a purchase can sometimes feel more like luck than skill, but here at Red Star Digital we’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help in boosting  conversion rates.

Top of that list really does have to be targeted email campaigns. Producing relevant content that’s of interest to specific groups of customers will not only have them opening your marketing emails, but will also have them clicking through to purchase. Segmenting your email marketing database and then using those sections to produce targeted campaigns, with exclusive offers and recommendations based on previous behaviours, can help push those conversion rates up and reduce unsubscribe rates.

Of course, the key word there is relevant; content that is poorly written, misleading or incorrect can have a detrimental effect on your potential sales, not to mention your customers’ view of your brand. Make your email campaigns personal and friendly, from a person and not a faceless corporation, help your customers feel special, and show them that you’ve thought about their needs by offering unique, relevant and targeted campaigns. Not only will it help your conversion rates, but your open rates will also increase and your spam complaint rate should also decrease as your customers realise your emails are always going to be of interest to them.

Personalisation doesn’t have to end with your emails. Introduce personalised information on your website based on previous purchases or browsing history to offer your customers products that might be of interest, Amazon is a great example of this technique, and it’s also being utilised successfully by many clothing retailers. Tie this type of information into an email campaign, further personalising your customers’ experience. Research shows that, if you’re a retailer, emailing customers who have abandoned shopping carts with un-purchased products still inside to prompt them to buy can help boost your sales by an incredible amount.

Customers may be unsure of the purpose of any graphics included in your email marketing campaigns, so try actually asking them to click through by using links that say ‘click here for more information’ or ‘click here to get started’. We think you’ll be surprised by just how effective this technique can be when used in email marketing and your customers may appreciate the prompt.

Keep on top of which email campaigns are being sent to which groups, maintain the integrity of your database and keep your marketing messages on point to avoid unnecessarily damage to your campaigns and business. Make sure you track the results of each campaign to determine what works and what needs changing, and then follow through. Keep working on your database to ensure your customers receive email marketing campaigns they’re eager to read.

And finally, use incentives, discounts and offers with firm and clear deadlines attached to promote use and add urgency. Give your customers something to look forward to in their inbox, something that’s targeted towards their specific needs. Pay attention, watch your customer database grow and your conversion rates rise.