Although, some online marketers consider email campaigns to be a bit obsolete, it is still an effective form of marketing when done correctly.  Here are our 5 top tips for a successful email campaign;

1) Creating a buzz with your subject line
This is still proven to be a very powerful asset when it comes to getting your message across before an email is even opened. This is the bark that makes people listen to you before you make your initial bite. When you have a subject line that attracts attention within the first few words, there’s a greater chance that your potential customers will click on it and read the whole email.

2) Create more text based hyperlinks within your email
Images are nice, but they can be a bit distracting when you are trying to get your message across. Also, take into account the some of your readers might have a slower internet connection so images will take ages to load. Within your body of text in the email you should place a number of text based call to actions, linking to whatever product or service you are trying to promote. ‘Click here’ is a popular text based link that gives your reader a prompt to find out more, get in touch or purchase.

3) Proof read your emails
If it’s one thing that ticks off a lot of people, it’s an email marred with errors. How can you be a great marketer or someone with writing authority if your emails are poorly written with spelling errors or poor grammar? Not only should you check for the spelling, grammar errors, but the links built into your emails. Make sure that all your links work, you email renders correctly and you have no glaring mistakes. Just imagine someone that actually wants to buy your product, but the link is dead or re-routed to somewhere else. That’s potential profit lost not only in the short term but you could lose your credibility because they may look at it as spam.

4) Don’t give everything away in just one email
If you have different products or different services, then spread them out. Use a teaser email that helps you to make your potential customer more aware of a product or two, create some interest and then go in for a more in depth email explaining more. This way you can compare which items have better clickthrough rates, sales, or leads so you can put more of a priority on which products to promote.

5) Don’t let your audience think you are a spammer
It’s better to spread out your emails depending on the market. Instead of sending out an email every single day, maybe spread it out for twice a week. This way you’ll build up the need for your product. Too many emails being sent to the same list will only result in people marking you as spam. Think carefully about what your message says and how often you need to send it.

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