Christmas_email_marketing_campaign_RedStarDigital_shutterstock_162024125Christmas is fast approaching, and for some businesses this time of year can be make or break, meaning your marketing campaigns have just become even more important. With an ever increasing influx of Christmas messages about to begin flooding your customers’ inboxes, creating Christmas marketing messages that not only meet your customers’ needs, but are visible among the well wishes, party invitations and other marketing messages is key to creating a successful campaign. We’ve put together ten top tips on how to get your Christmas email campaign to stand out from the crowd.

1. It’s all in the planning

Don’t wait until the last minute to throw together something slap dash. Not only will it show, but you’ll miss out on several key opportunities in the lead up to Christmas that could have a huge impact on your revenue. Create an editorial calendar to take advantage of dates, like Black Friday, which will help you put together an effective and cohesive plan across all your platforms.

2. Christmas decoration

A tough line to walk, but it is worth getting in to the festive spirit and revamping the layout of your communications to embrace Christmas. Grab your customers’ attention with seasonally themed messages and create a seasonal landing page that will not only be in-keeping with your marketing promotions, but will also increase content on your website. Just one word of warning; keep it tasteful and mindful that some people aren’t going to be celebrating Christmas, you don’t want to alienate your customers with auto-play Christmas carols and blizzards of snow.

3. Target practice

One way to stand out from the crowd of marketing messages is to ensure you are targeting your customers properly. Use their names, mention previous purchases, offer Christmas bonuses based on their history with your company. Effective Christmas marketing that uses targeting information to its advantage will always stand out from the last minute blanket emails from your rivals.

4. Research, research, research

Blindly choosing Christmas marketing messages, deals and offers without taking the time to research just what your customers spend over the Christmas period, what they spend it on, and when they’re likely to spend it (do they wait until Black Friday for example) can be disastrous. Researching can help you put together a better targeted email campaign that’s going to be of use and interest to your customers, helping you get the click through rates (CTR) and sales your business needs to stand out from everyone else in this busy period.

5. Go that extra mile

Sometimes sales are won not by having the better offer, but by being the brand that offers something a little more. This is the perfect time of year to help build relationships with your customers by using your email marketing messages to show the human side of your business. Include human interest, recipes, how-to’s or just a free gift-wrapping service; picking something that is complimentary to your business and sharing it with your customers for free will help endear you to them and build better relationships.

6. Do the maths

Put your best offers forward, in terms your customers can relate to. Limited time offers are a great way to prompt sales, and if you tell your customers what that 20% actually equates to it can help get them to push that purchase button a lot quicker.

7. Be thoughtful

With your customers about to get an increasing amount of emails, offer them the chance to update their subscription preferences so they only get the most relevant emails from your business over the holiday period. Those who don’t celebrate Christmas and aren’t interested in seasonal marketing messages won’t be tempted to unsubscribe from your marketing lists entirely, whilst those who live for a great Christmas deal will be enthusiastically waiting for your emails.

8. Be mobile

Your customers use a variety of different devices to view your content, make sure your marketing messages are formatted for viewing across the board, with a particular emphasis on mobile. A quick check on an inbox whilst out Christmas shopping could result in an unexpected find and a sale for your business.

9. Be clear

Make it easy for your customers to purchase from you, and be clear about what you want your customers’ reaction to be to your marketing emails. Include information on local stores, buying tips, where to find coupons, and make the decision to purchase as easy as possible. Don’t forget to make your call to action (CTA) clear, concise and easy to act on.

10. It’s all about the follow-through

Your marketing messages are, without a doubt, important in getting your customers to your website. But don’t create a seasonal marketing campaign for the fun of it, if your business doesn’t offer something that’s seasonally interesting then now might not be the time to promote it to all and sundry. That being said, make sure you have the structure in place to support those marketing messages you do send. Customer service, stock levels, ordering processes and delivery all need to be able to function efficiently under the added strain of Christmas order levels, and you need to be able to admit when they can’t. Keep your customers in the loop, good and bad, and they’ll thank you for it.